Artificial turf is synthetic grass widely used for residential and commercial purposes. Its use is increasing day by day, especially in the sports industry. It is most commonly used in sports stadiums, footaball fields, tennis courts, volleyball fields, hockey fields, etc. It helps the player to play swiftly and comfortably. The domestic use of artificial turf is also escalating, mainly for aesthetic purposes. Many people have installed artificial turf in the lawns and backyards of their houses. It increases the overall value of your property by decreasing the maintenance cost. Also, it can be a safe play arena for your children and pets.

The best artificial grass company offers you all kinds of turfs. Some of them are given below:

  • Landscape turf
  • Tennis turf
  • Football turf
  • Hockey turf

Landscape turf:

Landscape turf is mainly used in lawns of houses, farmhouses, schools, and sports clubs for residential and aesthetic purposes. It is used in the different portions of a house like:

  • The area around the swimming pool
  • Terrace or balcony
  • Playgrounds
  • Golf area
  • Pet houses
  • Roof

The use of artificial grass in your lawns will decrease your maintenance costs. No fertilizing, mowing, watering, or aerating of artificial grass is needed. Now, you can enjoy your weekends instead of working in your garden.

Tennis turf:

Tennis turf is available according to the speed requirement of the tennis players. A beginner-level player should choose the slow-speed turf so that they can learn the game first. Professional players can opt for high-speed turf according to their skills.

Hockey turf:

Hockey turfs come in the following two different varieties:

  • Sand-filled turf system
  • Sand-free turf system

Sand-free hockey turf system is used in international and national tournaments between professional players. It helps the player to slide easily without getting injured. It also increases the rolling capacity of the hockey ball.

Hockey turfs are available in different colors. It is essential to monitor the activity of the ball. Spectators and players enjoy the game more with the high visibility of the ball. Now, the blue turfs with white borderlines are most commonly used worldwide.

Football turf:

The use of artificial football turf enhances the life of the football ground. It decreases the pitch wear and increases the rolling power of the football. Players can play efficiently and swiftly without getting injured.

Quality control:

The quality of the turf is scrutinized after its manufacture. It is crucial as we cannot compromise the safety of professional athletes and players. The American society for testing and material (ASTM) has provided a standard list for manufacturing high-quality turf systems. It contains more than 20 tests to ensure the excellent quality of the turf. The following parameters are checked in these tests:

  • Strength of the backing material
  • Sticking power of the adhesives
  • Abrasion resistance of the turf
  • Strength of turf blades
  • UV resistance of the turf
  • Shock absorbance of the turf
  • The flame resistance of the turf

An excellent artificial turf company will provide you with high-quality and long-lasting products. Now, you can enjoy the soft and comfortable grass without worrying about its maintenance.

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