The location of small vending machines is the most important thing to note for measuring how much profit they could yield.

As opposed to large vending machines which measure 194 X 103.6 X 79 cm (LxWxH), enabling them to display about 50-70 items with a maximum capacity of around 620 items at a time, small vending machines are significantly smaller. They measure 182.9 X 53.3 X 91.4 cm (LxWxH), displaying about 14 items with a capacity to hold around 155 items at a time.

So, small vending machines are uniquely made for locations where a vending machine is needed, but having a space constraint.

5 Strategic Locations Where Small Vending Machines Can Yield Profit

These are the strategic locations you could place your small vending machines in and garner massive patronage, thus yielding massive profit.


Business offices with a workforce of 40 or more are strategic locations for small vending machines. Unarguably, employees would get hungry and thirsty at intervals and more often than not, would find it tasking to go out to satisfy their needs. But, with small vending machines that can even be placed on table tops, the employees could easily help themselves out.

Gym Centers

People who work out are usually placed on a diet and may not likely eat anything before going to the gym. Placing vending machines that offer bottled water, healthy snacks and drinks would be ideal. These snacks act as energy refills for people exercising at the gym.

Learning Institutions

Students can have strenuous academic activities leading to energy depletion. These small vending machines can be a great go-to place for a quick snack and refill. In this situation, by strategically placing the vending machine in an area that eases the stress of going out to get food, you can get lots of patronage.


Hospitals are always open 24 hours, every day of the year. The staff, patients and the guests of the patients are the three potential recipients of the offers of the small vending machines. For the staff, they love the convenience and they also might not be able to leave the patients to go to restaurants to satisfy their hunger needs.


Hotels are great locations for small vending machines. People troop into hotels daily and even with their best restaurant and top chefs, guests would sometimes want something quick and filling. Another type of vending machine suited for hotels are merchandisers. It is a type of vending machine common with hoteliers that offer toiletries to customers can be a superb way of generating continuous revenue.


Small vending machines can be a great source of generating revenue and yielding massive profit only if they are kept at strategic locations. So, the next time you feel your vending machine is not yielding as much profit as you want, maybe you’ll need to reconsider the location or, if you’re rather competing with large vending machines in high-traffic locations where yours wouldn’t be seen.

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